Why because timber stores carbon!


  • Timber has a lower carbon and environmental impact than comparable building materials.
  • Timber production is a low energy and low impact process.
  • Timber provides simple solutions that meet regulatory requirements.
  • Timbers used in buildings are attractive, comfortable, and high performance.
  • Timber construction is efficient, economical, and locally supported.


So how does this affect you as a new homeowner or Builder? With the introduction of the Carbon Tax fewer subjects since the introduction of GST have attracted so much attention. By choosing your floor from Timber Floors Pty Ltd you are also supporting Australian suppliers that follow Sustainable Forest Management and re-growth programs that help protect the environment in which our timber is grown. In addition when you choose Australian hardwoods you are showing a commitment to help improve and encourage conservation in Australia something that cannot be said about imported products. Choose the best timber flooring for your home and the most experienced timber Floor layers for supply & installation.


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