Are you looking for a Bamboo floor?

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Before you run out and buy a Bamboo floor consider this:-

Bamboo is technically a grass, not a tree that starts with rhizomes, stems that grow underground and send shoots and leaves above ground

not everything about bamboo is eco-friendly.

A necessary process in manufacturing a Bamboo floor is called Urea, it is a type of formaldehyde used to finish many types of bamboo. Formaldehyde is a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC), which reduces indoor air quality. Bamboo floor planks are manufactured by slicing or shredding the stalk of the bamboo grass plant, and then adhering the pieces back together using heat, pressure, and a resin based adhesive. However if you do not use this process but rather heat the Bamboo you decrease the strength of the Bamboo, oftentimes making it less durable than regular wood. bamboo planks that are darker in colour are generally also softer. That is because…

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