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Staircase ideas for makeovers and new modern wooden stairs


Modern homes exude quality, style and elegance when a wooden staircase is installed. Add the wow factor and change the whole look of your home. At Timber Floors Pty Ltd We are experienced working with solid Australian Hardwood Stair Treads. Your choice of wood and finish is key to a staircase renovation or a new Floating or cantilevered hardwood stair tread option. Our advice can help you choose the best-suited species for your houses location.


  • Timber Stairs add value to your property
  • Ideal choice for allergy sufferers
  • Having a great staircase doesn’t always mean installing a new one from scratch. Our on-site renovations make having a new timber staircase possible and easy.
  • The end result is a solid wooden staircase for a fraction of the cost.


Each job is treated on its own merits. We have our own unique system(s) of installation for over existing formed concrete steps or existing MDF staircases. We can dress the existing staircases with solid treads and risers to completely transform old or new stairs into stunning Staircases.

We also offer solid double treads fitted to existing or made to order steel mono-string open rise staircases. As well as floating or cantilevered hardwood tread options.


We offer off the Plan or Site measure and Quotes. All quotes are written and are sent direct to you following your visit to our showroom where we take you through the whole process of supply and installation.


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Timber Staircases – Timber Stairs – timber Stair Treads – Timber Stairs Sdyney

A timber Staircase matching your new timber floor, is like icing on a cake.

Everybody loves timber floors and if you can match your staircase then it goes without saying that the finished look will be simply stunning.

Have a look at the transformation that an existing MDF staircase undergoes when the old carpet is removed to reveal the bare MDF treads and risers, right through the stages of the new solid tread and riser being installed and finally the finished product.

staircase transformation

staircase transformation